Introduction to DSLR Camera (Full Cost)

Part Time Day/Eve · Part Time Evening · Photography · Bishop Auckland Campus

03 February 2021 - 10 March 2021
17:30 - 20:30
Entry Level
Taught at:
Bishop Auckland Campus

Course overview

This course is a beginner’s course that will introduce you to the functions and controls of your camera. I will teach you how to use your camera manually and how to get perfect results every time.

Course requirements

You do not need any experience with DSLRs.

Materials needed

DSLR Camera, notepad and pen.

What can I do when I finish?

This course will give you the experience needed to progress onto the Introduction to Studio Photography and Introduction to Dark Room Practice. If you are aiming higher this course is a great introduction to our full-time photography courses.

What will I do?

You will learn about Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO, the 3 components which form the exposure triangle. The course will also cover the laws of exposure, composition, depth of field, perfect focusing and different styles of photography. This course teaches all of the skills needed to help you produce stunning photographs.

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