Updating Your Digital Skills/Cyber Safety L1

Part Time Day/Eve · Part Time Evening · Computing & IT · Bishop Auckland Campus

06 October 2021 - 17 November 2021
17:00 - 21:00
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Level 1
Taught at:
Bishop Auckland Campus

Course overview

The Essential Digital Skills framework defines the digital skills adults need to safely benefit from, participate in and contribute to the digital world. These qualifications are suitable for all ages and support the development of key digital skills.

Course requirements

None for the Entry level course, for Level 1 a basic ability to use a computer or an entry level course is required.

What will I do?

Each level of the course has 5 elements

Using devices and handling information - This area covers a basic understanding of hardware, software, operating systems and commonly used applications, developing fundamental digital skills including how to manage and store information, and identify and solve simple technical issues.

Creating and editing - This area covers creating and edit documents and digital media, such as images, audio files and videos.

Communicating - This area requires students to demonstrate an understanding of electronic communications, such as email and video calls.

Transacting - This area involves the ability to complete and submit an online form, comply with digital verification checks, and purchase an item or service online.

Being safe and responsible –This area will involve privacy and data protection, conducting best practice online behaviour, backing up data, and understanding the psychological health risks of online activity

Materials needed


What can I do when I finish?

You can progress to other IT courses at a higher level, These courses have a very beneficial use at home too as they provide information for working safely when using It for pleasure as well as business.

What next?

Please contactl the College to enrol.

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