COVID-19 Home Testing

Summer 2021 COVID tests

All students are strongly advised to collect 4 boxes of 7 tests to last them over the summer period. If students are not returning to College after the summer, 90% of pharmacies provide these tests for free now.

Testing Kits

Students who wish to participate in the testing process can do so with home-testing kits provided by the College. Remember to do two tests per week, 3-5 days apart. We recommend Monday and Friday mornings. Please either call/text 07736 906363 or email to request testing kits (you only need to use one of these methods, not both).

Performing Your Tests

The video below provides a guide on how to perform a self test.

When you have completed your test do not throw away your kit until after you have submitted your result as you will need the barcode from the testing strip.

Submitting Results

Test results must be submitted to both the College and the Government separately. Use the buttons below to submit your results.