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Caribbean dream job for Suzanne

Suzanne Belshaw’s career is in cruise mode after four years of training at college paid off.

Suzanne Belshaw

The 21-year-old has been enjoying a Caribbean dream job on board Carnival cruise liner Carnival Breeze, working as a beauty therapist.

Over the past year she has provided spa treatments to guests on seven day cruises from Orlando, Florida, to islands including Jamaica, Barbados, Aruba, St Lucia and Puerto Rico.

Suzanne secured employment with OneSpaWorld after an interview followed by five weeks of training at the company’s ‘Academy’ in London, learning new beauty therapy treatment techniques and bio-tech facial treatments.

She was then flown to Galviston, Texas, to board ship the next day as part of the OneSpaWorld team. Carnival Breeze, the third largest in the Carnival fleet, can accommodate 3,690 passengers and nearly 1,400 staff. It provides treatments for guests as part of seven day cruises, back-to-back each week.

Suzanne, who had previously completed her Level 1, 2 and 3 in Beauty Therapy and Level 3 Nails at Bishop Auckland College, found herself riding on the crest of a wave after leaving college last year.

She recently returned to visit her former tutors and tell them about her fantastic experience. Suzanne, of Crook, said: “The job was nothing like I expected it to be like; it was really hard work from 7.30am to 9.30pm. However, it was very exciting as you got to experience many different places and what they offer - and the fact you are travelling around on a huge cruise ship at sea. I made so many friends on board that I will never forget.”

After her ten month stint on the Carnival Breeze, Suzanne is now having a well deserved break back home and deciding whether to do another tour or pursue an onshore career. She is urging other young people considering beauty therapy as a career to follow her lead.

The former Parkside Academy pupil said: “My message would be you only live once so follow your dreams. If working on a cruise ship is your dream then just do it! Think of the amazing places you get to see and explore on your off time – and you will make new friends that will become your family for your time on board.

“I enjoyed my four years at Bishop Auckland College - I learned so much. Every tutor I had was amazing, always helping me when I needed it and giving me the confidence to apply to OneSpaWorld.”

Natalie Davison-Terranova, Principal and Chief Executive of Bishop Auckland College, said she was delighted to hear about Suzanne’s amazing experience.

“It is so rewarding to help students achieve their dream and Suzanne has clearly had a fantastic time in her first job since qualifying last year. Hopefully her employment success will only encourage our current beauty therapy learners to follow in her footsteps next year.”

Photo: Beauty therapist Suzanne Belshaw with the cruise liner Carnival Breeze.

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