College Nursery

Welcome to Bishop Auckland College Nursery – Caring for children for over 25 years

Bishop Auckland College Nursery is here to assist your child/children attain their maximum potential within their capabilities. We pride ourselves on our Childcare Services and aim to provide a wide range of learning opportunities.

Bishop Auckland College Nursery is open to College students, staff and the general public.

Officially Ofsted Outstanding

A stunning report by Ofsted rated our Nursery 'Outstanding’. The report published in March 2014 said that the quality of provision in meeting the needs of children, its contribution to their well being, and the effectiveness of the leadership and management were all at the top Grade 1 level.

This provision is outstanding!

  • Children are very independent, curious, exceptionally well motivated and eager to join in, showing an excellent disposition to learning.
  • Teaching is based on an excellent knowledge and understanding of the areas of learning and practice consistently achieves very high standards for all children.
  • Practice is inspirational and provides rich and varied experiences for children of all ages, which ensures they make rapid progress in their learning from their starting points.
  • Highly skilled staff continuously undergo professional development, which has a substantial impact on outcomes for children.
  • Staff promote all areas of children’s learning exceedingly well, with a particularly strong focus on the programme for communication and language.
  • The highly professional management team carefully monitors all aspects of the provision, resulting in high quality care and education, which meets the needs of all children extremely well.


Nursery Aims

  • To promote equality of access and the opportunity for all children to learn, progress and develop at their own pace.
  • To build strong effective partnerships with parents/carers
  • To maintain and continuously improve the quality of childcare offered to the National Standards.
  • To make sure our staff are selected, well trained and supervised to meet the needs of the children in our care.
  • To work effectively with external partners, such as local schools and other relevant agencies.
  • To provide continuous professional development opportunities for our staff.
  • To provide practical training opportunities to students undertaking childcare and education related courses.

Your Child’s Learning Environment

Our Nursery provides a well resourced learning environment for all our children. Qualified and experienced staff interact and engage with the children while showing support for each child’s individual needs. An important concept of EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage Framework) is that children learn best through making choices, play, experiences and resources that are made available on a regular basis.

We follow the EYFS delivered through an effective curriculum programme. This programme informs staff of the activities that need to be planned to meet the needs of every child. We assess each child’s individual needs by observing each child on a daily basis. We use photographs of children engaged in activities to inform staff and parents/carers of the child’s progress which are placed in the child’s ‘Learning Journal’ and given to each parent when the child leaves.

The EYFS also requires us to offer outdoor play opportunities to all children every morning and afternoon, regardless of the weather. Our newly designed outdoor play area supports learning and fun within a safe environment that supports choice. The children learn through play while following the EYFS curriculum, which consists of seven areas of learning:

Prime Area

  • Personal Social and Emotional
  • Physical
  • Communication and Language

Specific Areas

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts & Design

Play underpins the delivery of the curriculum framework that all early years providers must deliver. All children under 5 years old will follow this curriculum. Throughout the nursery all children will have the support and guidance from our qualified Early Years Practitioners who will observe children and will plan and deliver a programme of activities that reflects the child’s interests, ensuring that the children have fun and enjoyment that is linked to discovery and learning.

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