Diploma in Bricklaying L3 (full time)


In this advanced level course you will learn more to help cement your understanding and underpinning knowledge in health, safety and welfare in construction, principles of organising, planning and pricing construction work, repair and maintain masonry structures, constructing radial and battered brickwork, constructing fireplaces and chimneys.

Course requirements

You must have completed a Level 2 Diploma in Brickwork, alternative qualifications will be considered. An interview and short assessment will assess your suitability and interest in the subject.

What will I do?

The course contains 5 units which have 2 online tests and 4 paper based (theory and practical). The units are: – Health, safety and welfare in construction – Principles of organising, planning and pricing construction work – Repair and maintain masonry structures – Constructing radial and battered brickwork – Carrying out decorative and reinforced brickwork – Constructing fireplaces and chimneys.

What will it give me?

It allows candidates to learn, develop and practise the skills required for employment and/or career progression in Bricklaying. The course will give you the following: – Advanced skills required in bricklaying – An understanding of the elements of various structures – An improved CV – Preparation for further learning at the next level – Interpreting working drawings to set out masonry structures – Producing thin joint masonry and masonry cladding – Building solid walling, isolated and attached piers – Construct cavity walling forming masonry structures.

Materials needed

You will need Safety Footwear and overalls which you can purchase from the College. You will also wear a high visibility vest for practical sessions, which is supplied by the college.

What can I do when I finish?

On the successful completion of the course, you may want to progress to an apprenticeship at level 3 Brick or progress onto professional qualifications HNC / NHD.

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