Student Union

The Student Union here at Bishop Auckland College, allows YOU the opportunity to have YOUR say on what happens in YOUR College. We continuously strive to provide you with the best experiences possible during your time here, however we also value your opinions and ideas on how we can improve. Becoming part of the BAC SU, gives you the chance to shape your learning experience and positively affect the college as a whole.

The Union consists of a President, a student elected Vice President and 2 Senior Representatives (Student Leadership Team).  There are also class representatives from each subject both Full time and Part time.

If you have any questions about the BAC Student Union contact your Student Union President.

Student Lead Activities

The Students’ Union supports activities and development opportunities for students. They give you the chance to make new friends and share or develop your interests with like-minded people.

The student lead activities are decided by the class representatives which will vary each year. Students make their own mind up when choosing which activity they would like to run and will be overseen by a member of the Student Leadership Team. The activities they choose to run are entirely up to them and can range from anything like chess to movie watching.

Events and Fundraising

The Students’ Union encourages class representatives to organise lots of different events for our students, ranging from charity fundraisers to information events.

Any events students would like to organise would be fully considered by the Student Union.  Class representatives will also have the opportunity to work alongside staff members to help run internal/external college events.


The students’ Union proudly supports learners in volunteering opportunities.

The class representative role in its self is a volunteering opportunity and is entirely up to the class representative how much time they put into this role.


The Students’ Union is responsible for all aspects of student representation across the college. Class reps are the official voice of the students on your course.  They will attend meetings with academic staff from your department and you will be expected to give feedback on how students feel about their teaching and learning.  Some Class Reps may also be asked to attend Quality Forums and consultations with other key members of staff and heads of services.

Advice and Support & Drop in Sessions

The Students’ Union is available to all students, the Student Leadership Team is there to help with any issues or suggestions you might have. Drop in sessions can be given to students to speak with the Student Union Leadership team or the College Principal in confidence. There is also support from Student Progress Mentors, tutors and area managers who work more closely with students outside the Student Union.

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