*Certificate in Leadership and Management L4

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Course Dates:
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Level 4

Course overview

The Level 4 Certificate in Leadership and Management is for new and aspiring middle managers. The course will help individuals develop skills and knowledge around the management role, business knowledge and how to lead effectively at this level.

*This course does not quality for remission of fees.

Course requirements

This qualification is suitable if you are aged at least 18 years and are currently working or interested in a career in Leadership and/or Management. There are no prior qualification entry requirements to study this qualification, although ideally you will be working within an organisation where you are able to gain the knowledge and experience that will enable you to complete the qualification. You may also use previous experience of either working in an organisation or one that you are familiar with.

What will I do?

The course will be delivered on a flexible model (number dependant). There are two routes of delivery; one to one support tailored around an individual or taught class room sessions at the college. All learners will achieve a maximum of 36 credits through assignment based units.

What will it give me?

Completing this course will give individuals a recognised qualification in Leadership and Management. It will give individuals the knowledge and experience in the following:

• Consolidate management skills and experience

• Build knowledge for specialist business areas

• Develop capabilities and personal awareness of becoming a leader

Materials needed

Basic stationery.

What next?

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