Subcontracting Rationale – August 2022

The College works with a limited number of partner providers to deliver subcontracted provision for 19+ Adults funded learners from the Adult Education Budget.

The aim of subcontracted provision through partners, is to allow the College to provide a range of learning which it would not provide under normal circumstances. Such partnership provision may broaden the geographic footprint of delivery, introduce specialist learning aims or involve diverse delivery modes.

We develop strong collaborative working relationships with partners delivering subcontracted provision. We expect subcontracted provision to deliver high quality learning experiences and to meet or exceed national achievement rates. Subcontracted provision is expected to meet the needs of national government priority target groups. Through subcontracted provision the College also seeks to engage with all communities, and will support objectives to engage hard to reach learners who do not follow typical routes into education.

The College will continue the strategic intention with regard to the volume of subcontracted activity. Since 2018-19 we have reduced the value of subcontracted provision. Our strategy remains primarily focussed on addressing training needs within the Group. We have strong management arrangements in place to ensure provision is of high quality, is continually improving and developing. Our strategic values and actions match the stated vision that all subcontracted activity is to be of good quality and well managed.

If organisations are interested in working with the Bishop Auckland College Group, please complete the PQQ below and submit as per the instructions. Vigorous due diligence processes are in place to vet subcontractors. Please refer to the sub-contracting policy for further guidance.

PQQ Partners 2022-23

Subcontracting Policy 2022-23

Subcontracting Fees 2022-23