Our Mission, Vision & Values

Bishop Auckland College offers students the opportunity to select from a comprehensive programme of full-time courses in a wide range of disciplines. The College also provides a full range of adult education at its Bishop Auckland campus and many venues in the community.

Members of staff are highly qualified and experienced, regularly updating their qualifications and industrial experience to ensure the quality and relevance of our programmes.

Mission: The passion that drives us

Enjoy, learn, achieve, progress: developing advanced skills for a bright future. These are all connected by a shared mission, ethos and set of core values, and offer students exceptional opportunities for progression and employment.

Vision: Shaping the future

The Bishop Auckland College Group will continue to grow by responding to local needs with specialist provision that builds prosperity and supports local economic regeneration, delivering excellence and efficiency in everything we do.

Culture and values

Bishop Auckland College is a great place to study or work and our culture is quite distinctive. The college staff are an exceptionally tight-knit community of people who are absolutely dedicated to our students, our college and our local communities. Most of our staff and students originate from the local area and understand our context – the challenges and the enormous opportunities – very well.

We know that positive and productive relationships are the key to success and our staff are dedicated to really getting to know our students, providing the right support when needed, in order to unlock the potential within each and every young person or adult learner. This is an environment where all students, staff and visitors feel safe, respected and valued, and we thrive on the richness of ideas that diversity brings.

We are proud of our unique internal culture, but Bishop Auckland College is an outward-facing organisation that recognises the critical importance of collaboration in order to lead change and influence local agendas. Through our many partnerships with employers and other stakeholders, we have established our place at the heart of our community and as a key partner in the regeneration of Bishop Auckland and south Durham. We are entrepreneurial, ambitious and we expect excellence – from ourselves and from our students.

These are the values that guide all of our activities:

Our vision will be achieved through the pursuit of six key strategic priorities which direct our activity.

Caring - We are passionate about people and concerned for the wellbeing of all students and staff

Ambition - We empower students to aim high and achieve their full potential

Respect - egardless of our differences, everyone is valued and treated with kindness

Equality - We are inclusive and enable all members of our community to thrive

Excellence - We strive for exceptional standards in everything we do

Resilience - When faced with challenges, we work together to adapt and bounce back more determined than before