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Bishop Auckland College remote education statement

Important announcement for the attention of all students, parents and carers

Bishop Auckland College remote education statement

Since September 2020, the College has been open for face-to-face teaching, which has been supported by online learning for the majority of courses. This approach has ensured that students’ learning has remained high quality and both students and staff work and learn in an environment which minimises the risks of Covid-19 transmission.

Following the Government announcement on 4th January 2021, Bishop Auckland College has entered a period of remote learning until at least Monday 22 February 2021. It is our intention to ensure all students receive the best possible educational experience during this lockdown period. Below we outline the key aspects of College’s remote learning offer for all our students (14-16, 16-19, adults, HE and Apprentices).

Students will continue to receive remote learning for their timetabled hours. Students will be required to access online sessions (live sessions on Microsoft Teams with their tutors and class peers) complemented by directed study or other tasks and assessments that students can complete in their timetabled sessions and as homework. All work set will be shared on Microsoft Teams or via Moodle or other platforms that are specific to subject areas (if students are expected to engage with other platforms tutors will clearly explain how to access and use these).

A number of our programmes are heavily practically based. Where it is not possible for students to complete certain practical elements under these circumstances, tutors will provide practical demonstrations where possible, adapt assessments where allowed by the Awarding Organisation and course teams will re-sequence the course content to ensure all elements of the programme can be completed by the end of the academic year.

Assessment and progress 

Students will continue to be assessed on the work they submit and will receive continuous feedback on their progress across all the qualifications they study.

We will continue to ensure students fully engage with their learning during this period.  Students will be regularly contacted by their Student Progress Mentor to support them with any questions/issues they may have.

Students who do not engage with remote lessons and set work will be contacted by Student Progress Mentors to identify if there are any barriers to completing the work/attending online sessions. Parents/carers of 14-19 year old students will be contacted if this becomes a cause for concern.

All students will receive a 1:1 progress tutorial in the Spring term. This will take place remotely and will update students on the progress they are making. 

We will continue to closely monitor the situation regarding alternative arrangements for assessment and accreditation for students this year and further updates will be provided as and when any new information is received.

We ask that all our students continue to engage with their studies and assessments during this challenging time to ensure they do not fall behind in their learning and are in a strong position when we are able to return to on-site delivery and complete the academic year. 

Support for students without devices, connectivity or a suitable environment for learning  

For identified students who do not have digital access at home and/or a suitable environment for learning we have planned that these students can come into college and use our technology to access remote learning. We are also providing laptops or other devices and support with internet connectivity so students can access remote lessons from home where it is requested and needed the most.

Support for students with Special Educational Needs

During this period, the College will continue to offer on-site provision for vulnerable students who need it. Students will be contacted to assess whether this provision is appropriate for them.

Other students who have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) and/or access to regular additional learning support, will continue to be able to access remote support according to their individual needs.

Further information

As we get more information and guidance from the Government and other organisations we will continue to update the Covid pages on our website and, where appropriate, will contact students direct.

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