My Chance My Future


What is My Chance, My Future?

My Chance, My Future is a project which is funded by the European Structural and Investment Funds and is a Community Led Local Development which is aimed to support unemployed people closer to the labour market and ultimately back in to work.

My Chance My Future will give you the opportunity to explore the history and heritage through the arts, culture, and leisure in your town and the local area. You will be able to connect with the past and rediscover the history and arts that’s on your doorstep. The delivery of the project will include trips to local heritage sites along with classroom-based learning, work taster sessions, volunteering opportunities as well as exploring employment opportunities in the area. As part of the 12-weeks, your group will be asked to organise an event or trip which you will have ownership of. Enrolling on the course will involve teamwork, budgeting and good decision making and along the way you will develop a range of employability and personal skills. Are you ready for your new start and meet new people? Click on the enquiry form below to start your journey!

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To be eligible to enrol on to My Chance My Future you must be:

  • Aged 25 or over
  • Be currently unemployed
  • Live in Bishop Auckland, Spennymoor or Shildon
  • Be a UK resident

What will you gain from enrolling on the project?

During the delivery of the programme you will make new connections will people and you will have the opportunity to develop skills in:

  • Time management
  • Resilience
  • Money management
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Self-awareness and reflection
  • Decision Making
  • Negotiation

Meet the Team


Hello, I am Leanne. I am the Transformational coordinator for My Chance My Future. I will be delivering the content of the project. I have worked at Bishop Auckland College for over a year and have been mainly based in the College Nursery. I am looking forward to working on this project and helping you build new skills and find employment.


Hello, I am Camilla. I have worked for the College since 2008 working with Apprentices and helping them to start their careers, I have also worked across several projects that aim to get people back into work. I am a people person who likes nothing more to see others progress and move on with their careers and lives. I am excited to be working on this project particularly with all the history and heritage we have to explore in Bishop Auckland and helping local people move into work and volunteering.


Hello I am Janet. I am working on the project as the Administrator. I will be carrying out administrative support on the project and assisting the Transformational Coordinator. I have been working for Bishop Auckland College for 13 years.

Contact details

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